Dinarded’s Dinar Quest was created to collect, disseminate, and discuss information, from across the web, in relation to the New Iraqi Dinar and it’s possible Revaluation.  All comments are welcome!

You can also join CHAT!

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3 responses to “About

  1. We have 2 websites dinartrade.com and dinaruk.com. We would like to advertise with your froum.

  2. Dear Administrator:

    Here at Dinar Inc we are looking for relationships with forums/chats to maximize our new and dynamic Iraqi Dinar Products. Our newest and most explosive product is “True Layaway” (where the customer cannot lose money). This product is changing the Iraqi Dinar purchasing world as True Layaway offers the customer an 8 week and a 12 week payment option to pay for their dinar.

    Dinar Inc started as a wholesaler of Iraqi Dinar a mere 4 years ago and ships currency to banks, financial institutions and dealers in 21 countries. Now, we are the largest credit card processor in the world and the fastest growing Iraqi Dinar business.

    Please contact us if you have an interest in working together.

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