Interesting postings from SFMEDIC at Dinar Rumor 07/29/2009

I was doing a little research when I came across a couple of posts from sfmedic to a sunny1 over at dinar rumors.  Interesting messages to say the least………………………I think they speak VOLUMES about a lot of things!!!
Happy Reading!!!!!

susan I talked to my wife and she said to let you in on the deal. if you give me your phone number I will call you and we have decided to let you in my private site if you understand no problems at all. Ok let me know asap

// <![CDATA[// sfmedic

Susan, I lifted the ban on you. I didnt put it on you though. fyi yes there is a deal already done. I am one of them who brokered it. we have it in writing with BOFA corporate in NC. I cannot share the info that I and several others were told about the valuation. but bofa has the rate and it is frozen by the US Treasury and not yet has it been released for public view. the deal was brokered with several of us and the VP of Bank of Americas Foreign Exchange for the US. Here father ok’d it and he is on bofa board of directors in NC. bofa says we are on the clock right now with the treasury and them releasing it. we are told that the projected release is tomorrow
but they said the catalyst is the chapter vii.
take care



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4 responses to “Interesting postings from SFMEDIC at Dinar Rumor 07/29/2009

  1. nice, they’re so desperate for attention that people are bringing out fake “Adam”s and a fake “sunny1”. The real sonny1 and Adam are on, I hope nobody falls for these phonies out there putting imitations on other sites.

  2. That may be the case but I only reported what is viewable to anyone AND easily found by searching Google.

    I will say this, don’t be so naive as to believe that these folks aren’t (or weren’t) registered on other Dinar sites.

  3. the name is spelled wrong, it’s an obvious impostor. Especially since the real sonny1 doesn’t post on dinarrumor. Here’s the real sonny1:

    Notice it’s spelled with an O not a U. 🙂

    I also noticed another site (three amigos) sending out emails saying “Adam” was going to be on a conference call, which is an obvious attempt to trick people into thinking Adam Montana was part of their group.

    I know people register on more than one site… but some of these site owners are downright liars when they register fake names and lead people to believe they are connected to people they’re not.

    not talking about you, of course. you’re just reposting stuff you find on the net, not actually lying to people like some of the other sites (DD, GET, etc)

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