Frank26 – Via Email 03/23/2010

Good evening Family,

This is KTFM newshound reporting to you from the top of Ko’olau mountain range sitting at the mouth of an ancient lava tube. I am here with Knarf who we spoke with many months ago. Our team was dropped off by helicopter so we could spend the evening asking our friend Knarf some questions on the IQD investment. Thank you for inviting us Knarf.

Aloha………welcome…… my world. Would you like a piece of sugar cane? Or I can make you a cup of green tea with the hot water that comes from this lava vent.

Ah……….yes that would be nice.

You did not come this far to drop a piece of sugar cane in a cup of warm green tea………..did you?

No we didn’t Knarf. May we ask you some questions?

I figured you would be here this week since …………Mission has been …………Accomplished. I believe it’s now time to ……….Spread the Wealth.

Interesting……..those were some of my questions. Can I start out by asking what you thought about the Health Care Package being passed?

IMO…… should be asking me what I thought about the ……”Packages”. I will not tell you that the passing of the Health Care was good or bad. Instead I will tell you that the complexities behind it were very close to ………..frightening genius. Whether you were for or against the HC ………I wonder how many realized that it was not just for health care? When the pen is used to pass the HC this afternoon automatically it also passes the mechanism needed to support it. Two for the price of one……….Historical and interesting. It is the only way any wealth can be spread. A HC that is impregnated with an antigen to create a symbiotic relationship ………..Fascinating! I am not used to mixing salt with sugar but will learn and adapt to the taste. Two for one special………..and I didn’t even have to go to Kmart.

It’s hard to tell if you like or dislike the HC.

Hmmm……..then Mission Accomplished.

I see. So without part two of the HC you don’t think the HC had a chance?

Absolutely not. This was the quintessential of last December’s handshaking. It is imperative that you use their eyes to see what is coming next.

You mean for HC?

No for your investment………the part two that impregnated the first.

Can you explain?

I want you to pretend with me that the RI occurs tomorrow. A great majority of people holding IQD’s would rush to exchange. There would be great excitement in the hearts of many. Part two of the HC will take half of your money not for HC ………..but for O to spread the wealth. Unfortunately in this ocean of happiness one could easily forget that within a week……….April 1st, 2010 would be among us. That is the deadline to make estimated tax payments for the 1st quarter of 2010. If you had an income of let’s say 30,000 a year ………forgetting to pay your quarterly taxes could be a rough bump in the road. If you made millions that could be …………the Grand Canyon of interest penalty charges. Do not fall……………in that hole.

What if there is no RI tomorrow?

Then you have six days …… continually use their eyes.

Are you trying to say that this calculated move for an RI window was done on purpose?

It depends on who’s eyes you use.

Well………….that was interesting information. Can I ask you another question?

Only one more …………..Tea is getting cold.

Knarf when will we see the IQD reinstated to its original state?

How about if I explain to you what has happened in the past three weeks?

Three weeks ago a team of 20 was sent to mop up. Two weeks ago they came back disappointed. Election non-sense. Mission was not accomplished. 24 hours later 7 more powerful go. This past Saturday all the two and three initials met for a grand finale meeting over there……….. seems to be over. Yesterday our side of the pond completed The Plan……..Mission Accomplished. If you look at your hand ………..that many are left to release the RI……….That’s it! The whole world now stands with their nose touching the CBI door. For only behind these doors will you find A, B, C, X and Y. It is possible even THEY do not know when THEY will open their mouths ………… announce. Yet this last week of the month …………is fascinating.

Based on what you are saying it might be a good idea to wait a week before cashing out?

This concept of waiting for a week before cashing out has been around for over a year now. Ali needs a week. Banks without De La Rue machines who were too small to prepare before the RI ……..will need a week. Individuals that will travel to an Ali office will need a week (give or take) to get to their appointments. Someone always said …………GET OUT FAST BUT TAKE YOUR TIME AND LEARN FROM OTHER’S MISTAKES!!! That can be accomplished ……….in a week. In that first week one can cash out an IQD note at a bank to have cash to travel to an Ali office.

Wish I could ask you more questions.

I wish to take you on a walk. Let’s re-warm our teas because I want to take you to a hillside where we can sit on Ti leaves as we watch the red golden sunset wink at us as it hides behind the watery horizon. Less than an hour later the movie in the dark sky starts. We will see shooting stars that may actually become meteorites. They sound cool when they hit the ocean and leave a plume of steam behind.

Wow……..I know of meteorites hitting land but I never thought of them hitting the ocean.

I do not mind answering your questions when you come visit me. But I take greater joy in showing you my island……….paradise found. Come………the beauty of God awaits us.

Thank you for your time Knarf. Our time was short and I’ll be honest with you I’m disappointed that it’s ending.

You are more than welcome. But may I point out …… is only the beginning.

Iraq makes a gazillion dollars selling their oil at 70+ ………IN ONE MONTH OF FEBUARY !? And they are afraid to RI their currency?!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME ?!!! What’s it going to be like when they sell it at 80+ for the month of March?!!! The situation is actually getting a little sickening when you stop and think of the potential this country has.

Iraq is more than four billion dollars in oil revenues last month
23 March, 2010

Iraq has made four billion and 229 million dollars in oil revenues during February last, total exports amounted to less than 58 million barrels, mostly from southern fields.

“Asim Jihad, spokesman for the Ministry of Oil that” oil exports in February was 57 مليون and 900 thousand barrels, earning four billion and 229 million dollars, “noting that” the average price per barrel reached 73.4 dollars. ”

He explained that the exported quantities of the Basra oil with a volume of 45,2 million barrels recorded revenues of three billion and 294 million dollars. ”

As for the “exported quantities of crude oil from Kirkuk, volume hit 12,7 million barrels, and their revenues 935 million dollars.”

Has bought 27 foreign companies from different nationalities quantities of oil exported through the ports of Basra and Khor al-Amaya in the south, and Ceyhan in Turkey.

The ministry has signed contracts with foreign companies to develop fields so that the session is expected to reach production to about 12 million barrels per day within six years.

Iraq has the third oil reserves in the world is estimated at 115 billion barrels after Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Family……where is the 2010 budget for Iraq? We are about to enter the second quarter for the year and they ignore the presence of it. IMO………something is in it that we should not know about…… maybe a rate. The World Bank gave them money for their budget. The IMF gave them money for their currency. The world has forgiven their debt except for one or two countries. Their federal reserves are stuffed with all kinds of money and gold. Ten of the world’s largest oil companies are signed and sealed and are even delivering to their countries before CH7 is lifted. Thomson Reuter, ISX, Warka, CBI are all primed and ready to go. Lower denoms are overflowing their vaults. Smart cards and ATM machines are ready. The Plan is done with the HC……….and now a handful have the responsibility of releasing the rate and date. With all due respect KTFM Family…….I’m done. IMO……all there is to do is wait for the door of the CBI to open up and have A, B, C, X and Y tell the US Treasury the date and rate. The Great Wall of China has nothing on the Wall that our investment now stands in front of as we tilt our heads back trying to determine how tall it is. I do not see the logic of trying to bust this door down with intel. I desire to be still and in constant prayer. In just over a year thousands have come back to God at KTFM. Hundreds have been helped with our funds. Dozens have been baptized and countless have been prayed for with amazing results. God says ask me……….and you shall receive. I want you to once again read what a Family member posted today. This is what KTFM is and …………should be about.

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Originally Posted by oilmanmitch
Well Family…I am having a VERY hard time writting this as my tears are running down my face so fast and making the keys on my keyboard very slippery…I want to reach out and THANK YOU….each and every one of you….and I want to HUG YOU..each and every one of you FAMILY……WE DID IT !!! I asked for your prayers for a friend (Fred) that HAD cancer in BOTH lungs and brain……My how we serve a MIGHTY GOD…I just got a txt from my girlfriend and he just came out of the hospital….all test showed NO CANCER !!!!! Praise God !!! I can’t even think right now…my mind is running faster than the speed of light…….THANK YOU JESUS, THANK YOU GOD, AND THANK YOU FAMILY FOR YOUR LOVE, PRAYERS AND SUPPORT FOR SOMEBODY YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IN PERSON…….I leave you for now…..I need to go to a place outside my office so that I can praise God and cry so many tears of JOY !!!!! In Jesus Name We Pray…… AMEN !!!

Thank You Family… oilmanmitch OUT !!!!!

I believe that God make the imperfect perfect. That soul is now with him and perfect!

What a beautiful story ……would you not agree Family? This may be upsetting to a small portion but I hunger to get away from talking about our investment. I long to share with you other ideas. Especially on how I feel about our Heavenly Father. I know that the body is weak and the mind should be strong. In these horrific economic times that we are experiencing it’s only natural to keep asking our investment……….where’s the money? I am hurting just like you………..because I am human just like you. My physical body yearns to rest when my investment pays off. My eyes long to see a currency with value. My hands want to hold it so that I can share it with others. You see Family……….my body has a mind of its own and it has a tendency not to listen to me. It is for that reason that I need God in my life in order to be …………in constant prayer. Yes my body is weak but my mind is strong because it dwells in the thinking of pleasing God. I leave you with that idea to stay in constant prayer so that the mind of your body………listens to you. God bless you all. My Christian love and Alohas.





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