Adams chat 7:20pm 3/20 – Dinarvets

Adams chat 7:20pm 3/20

8:20 PM [Adam Montana] I think it’s awesome that 98% of the room is excited right now about the Dinar
8:21 PM [Adam Montana] one person said they are “anxious’
8:21 PM [Adam Montana] that’s exactly what my CBI friend said today, he emailed me at about 9:30 PM yesterday his time
8:21 PM [Adam Montana] I guess that’s about/….. 6 hours ago our time
8:21 PM [Adam Montana] I haven’t had time to copy all of our emails this week, I was out today running errands
8:21 PM [Adam Montana] so I’ll just summarize
8:21 PM [Adam Montana] first – my thoughts
8:22 PM [Adam Montana] we’re not going to see a dang thing with the Iraqi Dinar changing rates until we hav a winner

8:22 PM [Adam Montana] Maliki was heavy in the lead in the beginning
8:22 PM [Adam Montana] now Allawi is scooping up some votes
8:22 PM [Adam Montana] so who knows who will take it
8:22 PM [Adam Montana] it doesn’t matter
8:22 PM [Adam Montana] either man can do the job, it’s just a matter of taking a left or a right and ending up at the same place
8:23 PM [Adam Montana] my personal thought is that when the dinar rate changes, it’s going to come out at close to 10 cents.
8:23 PM [Adam Montana] that means if you have a million dinar, you’ll end up with 100,000 USD to cash in
8:23 PM [Adam Montana] but if you’re smart, you won’t take that 100k
8:23 PM [Adam Montana] because after that, several things can happen
8:24 PM [Adam Montana] the Dinar will enter the market and float
8:24 PM [Adam Montana] or it will be controled by an ERM (exchange Rate mechanism)
8:24 PM [Adam Montana] if it floats, I’m buying MORE
8:24 PM [Adam Montana] if it goes on an ERM, I’m investing
8:25 PM [Adam Montana] ERMs are designed to last a limited time, and keep the currency within a certain point range
8:25 PM [Adam Montana] to control inflation etc
8:25 PM [Adam Montana] the Iraqi economy and currency is already stable
8:25 PM [Adam Montana] the only thing that’s missing is significant value
8:25 PM [Adam Montana] I’m a big fan of the theory that if it comes out on an ERM, it will eventually become part of a larger currency, like the Gulf Dinar
8:26 PM [Adam Montana] I say I’m going to invest because companies on the ISX or operating in IRaq are going to soon be acquiring the same kind of wealth that the companies in Kuwait have
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