Sonny1 Chat – 03/09/2010 8:24PM cst DinarVets

Sonny1 Chat – 03/09/2010 8:24PM cst
8:21 PM [sonny1] hello everyone
8:21 PM [sonny1] hope all is well
8:21 PM [sonny1] i want to say a few things
8:21 PM [waverunn1] hey sonny1
8:21 PM [Bumper64] hey sonny1
8:21 PM [ToddS] hey man
8:22 PM [sonny1] first i want to thank all the mods, its been crazy lately around here, and i want to thank you all for not selling out
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8:22 PM [sonny1] before i get to a little news
8:22 PM [sonny1] i want to clear up something
8:23 PM [sonny1] as you all know e, and gankans are no longer on this site
8:24 PM [sonny1] i wish them the best, though i respect the way gankans left (he did it with class) ennorste did it like a jag, and it is not appreiciated
8:24 PM [sonny1] thats all i will say about that
8:24 PM [grumpy] Gankans didn’t do such a good job either Sonny
8:24 PM [sonny1] dont mean to bash, but it wasnt cool
8:25 PM [sonny1] you guys were loyal, and they turned on you all, by bashing you all on other sites
8:25 PM [sonny1] now to some uplifting news
8:26 PM [sonny1] the gentleman who got me into this long and drug out journey 6 years ago called me today
8:26 PM [sonny1] we havent talked much lately, and he wanted to give me an updat on what he had
8:27 PM [sonny1] he has middle eastern ties, and has friends in dubai, and kuwait
8:27 PM [sonny1] not that that matters, hes like ef hutton, if he talks to me i shut up and listen
8:27 PM [sonny1] i have much respect
8:28 PM [sonny1] anyway, he talked to his friends today in kuwait
8:28 PM [sonny1] they are all in investing, and so is my bud, he is an ex economics proffessor
8:28 PM [sonny1] and has done very well, he has 80grrrrr american invested in this
8:29 PM [sonny1] and wants nothing more than to cas-in
8:29 PM [sonny1] ]cash
8:30 PM [sonny1] with that said, he told me that all the people in kuwait, including government members expect this to be wrapped up no later than 48 hours after they announce a winner in the elections
8:30 PM [sonny1] and if you have read the news today, they expect this to be as early as wednesday
8:30 PM [sonny1] but they hand count…….so who knows for sure
8:31 PM [sonny1] the are sitting on a rate between 1 buck and the euro, its 100% impossible to get it real close, there are alot of factors that go into it, so its an educated guess
8:32 PM [sonny1] but to not get peoples hopes up, and i hate being the bad guy, but it will never, and i mean never be over 2 dollars while we are holding it
holding it


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