Dinarvets – Enorrste Says Goodbye – 03/09/2010 1:18AM cst

Another persective on this Investment of ours
My friends, I am attempting to stay on a higher plateau and remain sane while others around me are getting “political”.

As you know I have been able to provide a significant amount of verifiable information to you all that has allowed you to have a foundation on which to base your hopes for making a great deal of money.

The “making a great deal of money” is, after all, the whole purpose of these sites, isn’t it? Or is there another motive?

Even if the other motive is for the site owner to make some bucks, does that change the underlying motive for you all to be here?

Of course it doesn’t!

So why am I having this silly and sadistic battle?

Everyone here knows that I have contributed a LOT to this site. Everyone here knows that I don’t give a HOOT about being in the forefront!

Everyone here knows that I could not care less about personalities!

Yet I cannot seem to be allowed to simply present FREELY what you all want.

Now I ask you this: Adam has allowed me to continue to post, but not chat? Was that Adam, or someone else?

You have seen how I have been slandered here, yet I continue to take the high ground. Why do I do that?

Because ultimately this is not about me. It is about YOU! All of you. Including those who are somehow threatened because I have become poplular.

I hope you all learn a lesson from this. I am 61 years old. I don’t play many games any more, at least not with people who are not interested in getting their heads above the water line. I am interested only in one thing: to present in as clear a manner as possible what is happening in our investment, freely.

I hope this hits home. It should. I have no animosity toward any individual on this site, and certainly not to its creator. But I am also saddened that some have failed to hold the ideal of the creator of this site, and have instead gone into some weird sort of “survivalist” mode, as if I were a threat to them personally.

Do you see how senseless that is? Am I selling anything? Have I said anything at all that this is “about me”?

I am amazed at how there is a “rally around the wagons” mentality at this site because I simply became popular.

Only Adam seemed to understand that I was an asset to this site. What does that say, folks? What does that say?

Now, through no fault of mine, you are divided. It was not my choosing. I know why. I did not want it. I tried to avoid it.

You can read the rest of the post here:


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