* Dinar Daddy: Throwin’ You a Bone

* Dinar Daddy: Throwin’ You a Bone
March 1, 2010 · Posted in CHATS / POSTS, TIDBIT · 10 Comments


I’m going to summarize what I’m hearing and reading that I feel uncomfortable posting or copying here. I know all of you want to know what is happening, so here are some things to think about without me saying specifics:

– This week could be a very interesting week. MOST still feel it will happen by March 7th. Some feel it will happen a bit after the elections.

– Some have seen “frozen” rates on screens where before they weren’t “frozen”.

– Rates are all over the board, so don’t get your hopes up too high on any specific rate.

– Those in the “know” seem to believe everything that was in the way for this to be done is complete. Specifically, the SBA Loan by the IMF that was accepted and ratified by being tied to the 2010 Iraqi Budget ratification is believed to be the final hurdle that now forces the “true” rate to be revealed from the “program” or “artificial” rate that has remained for over 1 year.

– I personally feel, based on what we’re hearing and reading, we could seen this thing pop by the end of March.


– You need to STOP stressing over perceived “missed” deadlines and proposed dates. This has been planned for decades. We are part of something very special. If you continue to stress over what others share that aren’t in the know (or know the WHOLE truth), then you’ll drive yourself and others absolutely crazy. Consider each source, including me in this situation, and move on. Remember what we’re doing here? We’re collecting data on this site and trying to make sense of it. In essence, we’re creating a chronological history of the final “hours” of one of the greatest events this world has ever seen economically.

– I share information on here because I know it does give you reference material to UNDERSTAND this investment. That doesn’t mean it’s always accurate. Even WRONG information is helpful to you, so no need to bash the person who shared on another forum, as they probably are not on here. The negativity is not allowed here, and it doesn’t help ME to know more about this investment. Does it help others here? No. Does it help you? No. Nuff said.

– All Medic chats that I post on here will be posted WITHOUT the ability for you to comment on them. I don’t want the FEW to spoil the opportunity for others to expose themselves to information they can reference later because of negativity and bashing. Other posts I feel would be controversial, I will do the same. The “few” have proven to not be able to control themselves from commenting in an emotional, negative, ripping way.


Go Dinar!

Dinar Daddy


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