Adam Montana Chat: 2/16/10 @ 9:19 am

9:20 AM [Adam Montana] here’s what I have – I got an email about 45 minutes ago from my CBI contact, a folllow up to his earlier email
9:20 AM [Adam Montana] I didn’t poost that one, it was inconsequential, just saying he was planning on watching the UN meeting
9:21 AM [Adam Montana] I’m posting the screencap in the VIP, I’ll link to it
9:21 AM [Adam Montana] but here’s the summary
9:21 AM [Adam Montana] he had emailed saying he was going to watch the UN meeting
9:21 AM [Adam Montana] we’re all pretty aware that they won’t announce an RV at the meeting
9:21 AM [Adam Montana] they might put Iraq’s progress up to a panel review etc
9:22 AM [Adam Montana] and the report will be 20+ pages of transcripts and trannslations
9:22 AM [Adam Montana] and we still won’t know what they decided* *
9:22 AM [Adam Montana] apparently though – Kuwait has been real quiet lately
9:22 AM [Adam Montana] for months they whoooped and hollered every time Chapter 7 was brought up
9:22 AM [Adam Montana] oh, official Adam Montana announcement – the yahoos that are saying Chapter 7 is over are wrong
9:22 AM [Adam Montana] Iraq is NOT out of Chapter 7
9:22 AM [Adam Montana] sorry
9:23 AM [Adam Montana] BUT
9:23 AM [Adam Montana] one of the major hangups has always been Kuwait putting up a stink about it
9:23 AM [Adam Montana] they are set to rubber stamp it shortly, and there might be something in this UN meeting to prove that
9:23 AM [Adam Montana] hopefully Puffsplus will keep transcribing the whole thing for us all* *
9:24 AM [Adam Montana] now my contact at CBI just sent me a message via email
9:24 AM [Adam Montana] he was just contacted by his superior
9:24 AM [Adam Montana] to come in early tomorrow, I don’t know how early
9:25 AM [Adam Montana] but it’s only 6:30 and he said he needed to skip watching the UN meeting so he could get his rest
9:25 AM [Adam Montana] because this meeting tomorrow morning at the CBI is
9:25 AM [puffsplus] talking chapter 7 now
9:25 AM [Adam Montana] to prepare for a meeting to discuss the coming CHANGE OF EXCHANGE RATE
9:25 AM [Adam Montana] puffsplus keep an eye out for Kuwait
9:25 AM [Sunglass] puffs, you are gonna be verwwwy verwwwy busy
9:25 AM [puffsplus] thats what he’s talking about now
9:26 AM [cmil222] there talking about kuwait now
9:29 AM [Adam Montana] thats it, meeting tomorrow morning in the CBI to discuss some serious stuff about the upcoming change in rate for the Iraqi Dinar
9:29 AM [Adam Montana] and watch for Kuwait


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