Adam Montana Chat – 15FEB2010 8:30 AM cst

Adam Montana Chat – 15FEB2010 1740 (GMT+3, Baghdad Time)

[Adam Montana] mod the room please

This room is now moderated. All messages submitted will be directed to room moderators for consideration before being made public.

[Adam Montana] First of all
[Adam Montana] I CAN spell dinar
[Adam Montana] that announcer never let me finish
[Adam Montana] d
[Adam Montana] i
[Adam Montana] n
[Adam Montana] a
[Adam Montana] r
[Adam Montana] there.
[Adam Montana] ok everyone in the VIP room has seen the exact emails up till now, but I know there’s a lot of new people here
[Adam Montana] so I’ll summarize
[Adam Montana] months ago I was contacted by a worker in the CBI (Central Bank of Iraq)
[Adam Montana] this person works directly under one of the head honchos
[Adam Montana] that’s all the information I’ll give about him
[Adam Montana] he’s sent me several bits of information that Iposted on my blog, here on the chat, and in VIP
[Adam Montana] some of it has been weeks early
[Adam Montana] some of it days early
[Adam Montana] some of it coincides with what were already seeing
[Adam Montana] either way, very legit stuff
[Adam Montana] last week he mentioned that he thought we were less than a week from a major announcement
[Adam Montana] we’re almost at the end of that week time frame
[Adam Montana] and on Friday he told me that a president
[Adam Montana] let me grab his name, it’s not Malikii…
[Adam Montana] Massoud Barzani
[Adam Montana] I belive he’s the Kurdish president…
[Adam Montana] yeah, that’s correct
[Adam Montana] today (last night for us in the US) Kurdish President al-Barazani made a public statement about the country moving forward under government control etc, no longer under the control of a dictator
[Adam Montana] my contact at the CBI said after the announcement was over, his superior at the CBI
[Adam Montana] who listened to the whole announcement
[Adam Montana] was TICKED. Stormed out of the office, apparently
[Adam Montana] the announcement was suppposed to come today, I think
[Adam Montana] it was supposed to be part of the news TODAY
[Adam Montana] I don’t know why it wasn’t, but that’s what I am told
[Adam Montana] either way – if it was supposed to be announced today,a nd a superior of my contact was actually mad that it wasn’t announced today – that means we’re CLOSE. REAL close.
[Adam Montana] in other news, I’m starting Body For Life again – this is my 3rd time doing it, I can’t wait
[Adam Montana] and also
[Adam Montana] the email will be posted in entirety in the VIP seciton
[Adam Montana] also coming this week is a VIP chat
[Adam Montana] we’re already discussing other investments and we have a LOT of amazing ideas – the knowledge that will be pouring through the VIP section in the next couple of months will be worth 10X the current fee
[Adam Montana] so if you needed another reason to join VIP – that’s it
[Adam Montana] I’m done plugging VIP* *
[Adam Montana] hopefully everyone takes this news today as a good sign and I hope it brings a smile to your day knowing that this ride is inches from the finish line
[Adam Montana] unmod please

Chat Part II, Clarification

A number of questions about the Kurdish President prompted a remodding of the room to clarify:

This room is now moderated. All messages submitted will be directed to room moderators for consideration before being made public.

[Adam Montana] the Kurdish aspect of this is confusing some people
[Adam Montana] let me clarify
[Adam Montana] Iraq is composed of two major religious sectotrs
[Adam Montana] the Kurds and the Shiites
[Adam Montana] I could ramble for hours on this subject but I’ll try to simplify
[Adam Montana] Iraq has a lot more than political isues to deal with before becoming stable
[Adam Montana] they also have mini wars inside their country
[Adam Montana] power struggles
[Adam Montana] between the Kurds and the Shiites
[Adam Montana] look at my blog
[Adam Montana] you’ll see a lot of recent articles about them starting to work together
[Adam Montana] there is a majority in Parliament that works similar to our Democrat and Republican parites
[Adam Montana] when it’s lopsided, things are nuts
[Adam Montana] the system works best when there’s a balance
[Adam Montana] right now there’s a lot of push and pull between the religious aspects of the Iraqi government
[Adam Montana] so when I say Kurdish President
[Adam Montana] the Kurdish President al-barazani is the Presidnt of the entire norhtern part of Iraq
[Adam Montana] which
[Adam Montana] coincidentally
[Adam Montana] is the same area that all of the HCL issues stem from
[Adam Montana] HCL is Hydro Carbon Law which is currently restricting Iraq from freely trading their oil
[Adam Montana] make sense?
[Adam Montana] bootom line is they all have to work together, al-Barazani has just as much to do with this as Maliki, Sharistani, Obama and Oprah
[Adam Montana] people forget about HCL lately and only focus on Chapter 7
[Adam Montana] sorry for making it complicated, I do my best to educate everyone… instead of making up stories about a rate and date* *
[Adam Montana] hope that cleared up the Kurdish aspect of Iraq for some
[Adam Montana] unmod


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