RECAP: Dinarded’s Chat 02/05/10 12:45PM CST

As many of you know, I’ve never been COMPLETELY sold on the idea that the IQD would RV in the NEAR future. In fact, I have also stated, on several occasions, I felt Iraq LOPPING the currency actually made sense.

Before I press on, please feel free to review my posts in order to get an idea of my position on the IQD investment.

I think I can fairly characterize myself as a hopeful skeptic, or least I was; until today that is.

This early afternoon, I had just logged onto Dinarvets and had the chat window running, while I was getting ready to head out for an appointment. That’s when I received a phone call from the person that introduced me to this opportunity. This individual is the owner of the company that I contract for and has SEVERAL MILLION Dinar (I announced the amount in the chat room earlier, and probably should not have, so I will not repeat the figure here).

I am going to try and convey the information that I received while being as vague as possible in the identity category. I know, I know……another he said, she said report without specific names to back it up. And if you think about it, why in the world would ANYONE reveal names and specific sources when dealing with this type of information? So while I can appreciate the skeptical mind, as I have one too, I will discount and ignore the typical “no names” response that I know this thread will illicit.


It went down like this:

When I received that phone call, I was told that someone contacted someone VERY close to them, with the FDIC, in regards to the Dinar. THAT person told that “someone” that he didn’t have any information on the Iraqi Dinar and that he wouldn’t because the FDIC doesn’t deal in that sort of information. He did say however, he had a friend from the military that held a high position within the Federal Reserve and that he would ask him. *Side note* Disproving the legitimacy of the Iraqi Dinar story was the motivating factor in all of this.

So, that “someone” received a phone call, at approximately 8:00 AM today, with news that he did NOT expect to receive. He was told that the Iraqi Dinar story IS TRUE. He was told that the Dinar ACTUALLY RV’ed back in September of last year and that they did not release it because their election law had yet to pass and that there were multiple economic and security concerns that were being dealt with. He was told that the RV would be released in March and that this whole scenario ACTUALLY is the “PLAN”, as laid out by the Bush administration, in order to cover the cost of the war effort AND to help spur economic growth in the United States and elsewhere. The rate that was given was not a SPECIFIC rate. Instead, he was told that the Dinar has already RV’ed (to reiterate) and that it’s value will be “on par” with the EURO. Now I don’t know if that means the trading range of the EURO back in September or if that means it will open at whatever the EURO is trading for in March.

Now before you hit “Reply to Post” lets look at a couple of things……

1.) Does everyone remember when multiple quote sites (6-8 of them) unexpectedly, and without clarification as to why, quoted the IQD at $1.49 back in November? And does anyone remember what the EURO was trading for in November of 2009?
Take a look>>>>…Euro-slips.htm

2.) How many times have we been told via “RUMOR” that the RV is DONE?

3.) How many times have we been told via “RUMOR” that the rate is $1.49? The vast majority have speculated this figure, In fact, the most recent Sonny1 “RUMOR” was that a POST RV interview has already taken place and that the Dinar will trade at, or near, the Euro.

4.) How many times were we told the Election Law must be passed BEFORE the RV would be released?

5.) How many times were we told the “Security and Economic Files” must first be reviewed before the RV?

Keep in mind, as you read this information AND ask yourself the aforementioned questions, that the individual seeking this information knew NONE of this stuff prior to the phone call he received this morning AND his original intent was to DISPROVE the Iraqi Dinar RV altogether.

I think all of this ties up very nicely if you ask me.


Love it, leave it, bash it….I really don’t care. I KNOW this information is REAL and RELIABLE! HAPPY RV!!!



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2 responses to “RECAP: Dinarded’s Chat 02/05/10 12:45PM CST

  1. Papster


    I believe you and that is the way this whole thing has played out….the only thing is i hope you are wrong about March…..maybe they are trying to move it up before the campaigning begins….I hope see ya and thanks

  2. Hey Papster. I hope it happens sooner rather than later my self! Thanks for the visit!

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