Adam Montana 2-3-10 10PM – DinarVets

Adam Montana 2-3-10 10PM

9:59 PM [Adam Montana] all right…
9:59 PM [Adam Montana] we all know there are moles in here from other sits
9:59 PM [Adam Montana] so I’m not going to post the exact text from this email
10:00 PM [Adam Montana] I may do it in the VIP room – but it will be the same info
10:00 PM [Adam Montana] so don’t signup for VIP if that’s what you want
10:00 PM [Adam Montana] some of you are on other sites, and you know that what Sonny1 posted in the VIP forum here the other day was shortly echoed on other sites
10:01 PM [Adam Montana] they simpy got that info a little later, but still pretty quick
10:01 PM [Adam Montana] my CBI contact and I actually spoke about this same person
10:01 PM [Adam Montana] the one that Sonny1 mentioned
10:01 PM [Adam Montana] I won’t name him right now, you can find it if you want
10:02 PM [Adam Montana] this guy has an association with the Finance Minister of Iraq
10:02 PM [Adam Montana] what I’m understanding
10:02 PM [Adam Montana] is that the publication is getting exclusive rights to announce what I believe is RV news
10:02 PM [Adam Montana] in return he is protecting the information he is privy to
10:02 PM [Adam Montana] actually gaurding it VERY closely
10:03 PM [Adam Montana] but
10:03 PM [Adam Montana] nevertheless
10:03 PM [Adam Montana] there is a lot of people involved
10:03 PM [Adam Montana] and just like here, the Iraqi parliament and the CBI has moles too
10:03 PM [Adam Montana] I was wondering if there was more than meets the eye on China “forgiving” the debt
10:03 PM [Adam Montana] 80 %
10:03 PM [Adam Montana] anyone have the number?
10:04 PM [Adam Montana] the amount that China forgave?
10:04 PM [sonny1] alot
10:04 PM [Adam Montana] 8.5 billion – that sounds right
10:04 PM [digital11] total debt is 8.5 bil
10:04 PM [Adam Montana] well… according to what I’m understanding
10:04 PM [*stardogger] China has agreed to forgive 80 percent of $8.47 billion in debt owed by Iraq,
10:04 PM [Adam Montana] another country
10:04 PM [Adam Montana] hand on
10:04 PM [Adam Montana] hang on*
10:04 PM [Adam Montana] Oman
10:05 PM [Adam Montana] the Finance Minister of Iraq has negotiated a business deal with Oman, encouraging the countries to invest in the other’s country
10:05 PM [Adam Montana] that’s public knowledge
10:05 PM [Adam Montana] what is NOT public knowledge is what they are using as a bargaining tool
10:05 PM [Adam Montana] this is slick
10:05 PM [Adam Montana] they’re getting investors BEFORE the RV
10:06 PM [Adam Montana] by offering sweetheart deals
10:06 PM [Adam Montana] and it sounds like they’re using a “possible” exchange rate
10:06 PM [Adam Montana] alongside the current exchange rate
10:06 PM [Adam Montana] as negotiating tools
10:06 PM [Adam Montana] if this RV was far off, I don’t think tis knowledge would be getting out
10:06 PM [Adam Montana] because COUNTRIES would be getting ticked
10:06 PM [Adam Montana] and backing out
10:07 PM [Adam Montana] but if it happens soon… some countries get the shaft
10:07 PM [Adam Montana] and some get cut in
10:07 PM [Adam Montana] like China
10:07 PM [Adam Montana] China makes out BIG
10:07 PM [Adam Montana] I think that’s it… I know that was hard to follow, I am sorry
10:07 PM [Adam Montana] it’s hard to translate and retype


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