Sunglass Chat Dinarvets – 01/28/10 7PM

8:20 PM [k98nights]

6:57 PM [Sunglass] got a testimony from a member here today, 2 personal contacts who he trusts, but they don’t know each other, call him and said BofA contact said 86cents and Chase contact said 86cents, and these 2 don’t know each other, and happened today

7:00 PM [Sunglass] when: between Jan31 and Feb2, and the banks have the rate (obviously the .86 cents) and,,,, hold on

7:01 PM [Sunglass] ah .86cents for 30 days, and

7:01 PM [Sunglass] both Chase and BofA are the sources of this info

7:02 PM [Sunglass] and will cash in, but said that BofA California is cashing in, so don’t know about other BofAs….

7:02 PM [Garfield] Whats rate after 30 days?

7:02 PM [Sunglass] dont have that Garfield


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