Friday??? – Posted Dinarvets 01/27/2010


We were on the Dinar Update call last night…….over two hours. Once again I apologize for the late notice but the original email did not come in until 7:15pm last night ??? and I just happened to check my screen at around 7:50!
It was about to be on!

A LOT of excellent and important information covered that would be beneficial to everyone. The call was professionally recorded for those who were not able to be on the call. As soon as I receive that link I will forward that Pronto!

I has been determined that the Revaluation (RV) is actually a Re-instatement (RI).
Many telling indications that everything has been done that needs to be done in order for the RI to happen.
Iraq’s currency was a recognized currency before the war started and is now being “Re-instated” back to where it was ($3.26) and/or most likely higher. It was stated by a number of intels the expected rate to come in anywhere
between $3.48 – $3.86…..and even leaning more toward the $3.86.

They also encouraged everyone to ‘watch’ Obama’s State of the Union Address tonight
and IF he announces that Iraq is now a sovereign country that is our confirmation that the RI is ready to happen. They are expecting the RI to happen between Friday and Sunday night (which is Monday in Iraq).

As soon as it goes through you will know by checking Ali’s website:
The pennies on a dollar prices WILL be gone.

Also, as soon as it goes through Ali will try to send a system email alert to all of his customers.

Very exciting and wonderful thing we are about to experience!

P.S. Note: For those of you who are in the Midwest I spoke with Ali yesterday and he said his new branch in Fargo, N.D. will be opening next Monday! Keep in mind to go to any of Ali’s Exchange branch office to exchange your dinar you will need to call first to set up an appointment. All the the specific information will be up on Ali’s website once the Revaluation takes place.


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