Sonny1 Chat – 1/26 7:30PM PST

Sonny1 Chat – 1/26 7:30PM PST

7:33 PM [sonny1] ok as we know over the last 3 weeks the news has dropping hints of a rv
7:35 PM [sonny1] like the article that said we are waiting for a new exchange rate before we approve the budget, and the jan 31st article, and the we were going to change the exchange rate, but civil unrest, and political unrest caused a halt
7:35 PM [sonny1] now as we know the exchange rate is done
7:36 PM [sonny1] how they did it i have no clue, i am surprised, very surprised
7:37 PM [sonny1] the erm will be implemented so when iraq does rv and it should be soon now ( i hate saying that) they wont take a huge exchange rate hit with all the dinar coming back to them
7:38 PM [sonny1] there budget is roughly 80 billion u.s, if they didnt put the erm in place there exchange rate if a dollar lets say, could drop 50 cents with huge dinar exchanged
7:39 PM [sonny1] and there budget would be screwed, and they would be way short
7:40 PM [sonny1] my guys did the math with there budget, and all the infrastructure work they have planned the rate should be around 1.50-1.60, or the euro
7:41 PM [sonny1] now for the chapter 7 guys, i agree 7 is huge for them to get out of, but there is no chance of them getting out, without rv’ing first, they arent get out of 7 at 1170
7:42 PM [sonny1] u.n wont give them 150 billion in cash and assets back at 1170, it defeats the purpose
7:44 PM [sonny1] they have been meeting with the u.n now for the last 3 days, my guess is that they needed the u.n approval on the rate, and they needed to know if that rate will help them get out of 7, and by the budget passing tells me they all are on the same page
7:45 PM [sonny1] and its odd that its coming together 6 weeks before the elections, think maliki is a dummy, think again when this goes down, he will be a hero
7:46 PM [sonny1] i hate saying this, cause in the past it hasnt happened, but the numbers are adding up, we are within a few days to two weeks of cashing in.
7:47 PM [sonny1] imo
7:47 PM [sonny1] in my mind, i could get the call anytime, and it wouldnt surprise me in the least
7:47 PM [sonny1] done


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