Adam Montana and Sonny1 Chat – Dinarvets 01/27/2010 7:30PM cst

7:26 PM [Adam Montana] one more time
7:26 PM [Adam Montana] and hold!
7:26 PM [Adam Montana] which is exactly what I advise doing with your Dinar, for some strange reason
7:26 PM [Adam Montana] I’ve never given a date
7:27 PM [Adam Montana] and I never will unless it’s already done or I’m willing to lose every ounce of credibility I have on this
7:27 PM [Adam Montana] but one thing I HAVE done is talk about what I believe Iraq will do
7:27 PM [Adam Montana] 1. I believe they will come out low, around .10
7:27 PM [Adam Montana] that is for a simple reason
7:27 PM [Adam Montana] to suck money back into Iraq
7:27 PM [Adam Montana] it’s in my book, actually
7:27 PM [Adam Montana] (I know, obvious plug lol)
7:28 PM [Adam Montana] but I outlined it in a lot of detailo
7:28 PM [Adam Montana] if Iraq RVs at a dime and sucks out half of the cash Dinar, they pay out X amount
7:28 PM [Adam Montana] if they RV at a dollar, they pay X*10
7:28 PM [Adam Montana] *10 is a HUGE number
7:29 PM [Adam Montana] if someone says you can have a sandwich for a dollar or ten dollars, which do you take?
7:29 PM [Adam Montana] you take the same sandwich for a dollar
7:29 PM [Adam Montana] another thing I’ve said is that we can expect some subterfuge
7:29 PM [Adam Montana] like “oh we’ll never RV” or “Lett’s take some zeros off”
7:29 PM [Adam Montana] a friend of mine was just talking about another country that did that
7:30 PM [Adam Montana] my point is… this is expected, I’ve warned about it for years, and it’s not a big deal. I’m happy it’s happened
7:30 PM [Adam Montana] but
7:30 PM [Adam Montana] BUT
7:30 PM [Adam Montana] if anyone wants to sell their Dinar
7:30 PM [Adam Montana] PM me
7:30 PM [Adam Montana] I’m buying, plain and simple
7:31 PM [Adam Montana] I’m done, I think Sonny1 had a couple of points. I know he’s been on the phone today with some people that I wish I had access to
7:31 PM [Adam Montana] go ahead
7:32 PM [sonny1] ok, there are only two reasons a country lops off zeros
7:32 PM [sonny1] one, they have more than one currency, or they have high inflation
7:32 PM [sonny1] iraq has neither
7:33 PM [sonny1] i think todays article was good, it shows me that iraq has a sudden sense of urgency
7:33 PM [sonny1] we are almost there
7:34 PM [Adam Montana] didn’t you say China did something like this?
7:35 PM [sonny1] yes china said they werent rv’ing and 48hours later boom rv
7:35 PM [sonny1] so hang in there were close
7:35 PM [Adam Montana] I agree. I don’t see this as a bad thing at all.
7:35 PM [sonny1] im done
7:35 PM [Adam Montana] anyway… sorry to everyone who had chat problems today
7:36 PM [Adam Montana] I am pretty good with investments but I suck at web design
7:36 PM [Adam Montana] let’s unmod


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