Adam Montana Chat – Dinarvets – 01/24/2010

3:33 PM [Adam Montana] hi room
3:33 PM [Adam Montana] thanks for being here.
3:33 PM [Adam Montana] we’re getting some pretty exciting news from Iraq and a few other places on our investment
3:33 PM [Adam Montana] bad news is I didn’t get the confirmation I wanted this morning
3:33 PM [Adam Montana] so I’m not going to go making up rumors about stuff
3:34 PM [Adam Montana] just have to have faith and be patient, like always
3:34 PM [Adam Montana] I’ll tell you a little about what I was expecting though
3:34 PM [Adam Montana] my contact at CBI
3:34 PM [Adam Montana] and I mentioned this in the VIP room last Friday
3:35 PM [Adam Montana] said that there is abuzz – BIG BUZZ – going on with anyone who has any influence on these things
3:35 PM [Adam Montana] everyone is desperately watching for ANY news about the budget
3:35 PM [Adam Montana] because the RV is closely tied to the budget
3:35 PM [Adam Montana] Iraqi economists are saying if the budget isn’t completed in the next couple days it’s going to be a huge setback for amny manyprojects in Iraq right now
3:36 PM [Adam Montana] and they’re not looking for setbacks after so much progress
3:36 PM [Adam Montana] it’s after midnight in Iraq right now, so I don’t think I will hear back from my CBI contact
3:36 PM [Adam Montana] at least
3:36 PM [Adam Montana] not with anything concrete
3:36 PM [Adam Montana] no verification yet
3:36 PM [Adam Montana] but that’s the latest. The budget is huge
3:37 PM [Adam Montana] he has been right many times in the past, and never wrong… so I trust his judgment
3:37 PM [Adam Montana] he’s looking at a big advance in the RV tomorrow or Tuesday
3:37 PM [Adam Montana] so we could hear as soon as 48 hours
3:37 PM [Adam Montana] don’t quit your jobs
3:37 PM [Adam Montana] you know that though
3:38 PM [Adam Montana] on to other news, since I don’t have the confirmation I was hoping for
3:38 PM [Adam Montana] I will be reporting in tomorrow as soon as I hear back from him on anything regarding the budget or the RV
3:38 PM [Adam Montana] a couple people asked when the Haiti donations would be finished up or reported or whatever
3:38 PM [Adam Montana] you all trusted Sunglass to monitor the donations etc
3:39 PM [Adam Montana] when I get a confirmation that the check has ben cashed by the Red Cross I will relay that to her and she will confirm, just to rest everyone’s possible worries
3:39 PM [Adam Montana] fyi PayPal is very strict, they did an investigation to make sure I was actually sending money to the Red Cross
3:39 PM [Adam Montana] as you know (VIP members, anyway! lol)
3:40 PM [Adam Montana] the paypal account is still open, which means Paypal’s investigation was satisfactory
3:40 PM [Adam Montana] but I’m still going to provide proof to Sunglass just for everyone else who may have doubts
3:40 PM [Adam Montana] I unsderstand there is a lot of fraud out there
3:40 PM [Adam Montana] but anyway
3:40 PM [Adam Montana] I also want to thank all of you who were so generous and bought the book
3:40 PM [Adam Montana] or donated
3:41 PM [Adam Montana] if you can spare any more cash, they still need it – I suggest Red Cross
3:41 PM [Adam Montana] what else…
3:41 PM [Adam Montana] oh – there’s fotball on
3:41 PM [Adam Montana] so I’m off for a while. I’ll check back in later tonight
3:41 PM [Adam Montana] any questions?


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