The Following Chat was Posted on DinarVets – It was Removed at the Request Of TerryK

TerryK Chat 01/23/2010 3:35PM CST
[TerryK] for about 2 minutes
[TerryK] very simular to what happened in nov
[TerryK] 3.86
[TerryK] is what showed up
[TerryK] dont get your nuts in a bunch
[blessed2] I like 3.86
[TerryK] im not kidding
[TerryK] dont get your nuts in a bunch
[TerryK] im not kidding
[TerryK] i got the call at 7 am
[TerryK] yesterday
[TerryK] we have been trying to find out how this happened
[TerryK] and cdl
[TerryK] you here
[TerryK] cdl
[TerryK] anyway cdl knows the systems really well
[TerryK] and what we have come up with is the following
[TerryK] the banks have the rates
[TerryK] and they are plugged in
[TerryK] when they turned on their machines in the am they accidently hit the button for idq
[TerryK] when they were not spose to and caught the error
[Sunglass] TK Adam said if we don’t have a rate by tomorrow AM he will be here to tell us more….. just fyi
[TerryK] thats why i was asking if adam was here
[TerryK] i heard he made that statment
[TerryK] have not looked at posts yet
[TerryK] was lucky to get on
[TerryK] Adam nevers says anything like that
[TerryK] not me
[TerryK] but im not a gurus
[TerryK] im Terryk
[Sunglass] you are OUR guru tk
[TerryK] I will say if it goes down it will happen in the am
[TerryK] hours
[TerryK] my feelings
[TerryK] before cbi opens
[TerryK] and drive us nuts trying to get to a bank on sunday
[TerryK] I asked my wife where she wanted to go for our anniversary. “Somewhere I haven’t been in a long time!” she said. So I suggested the kitchen
[sunshinelvr] hahahahah
[Sunglass] tk that is funny!!!
[TerryK] Two times a week we go to a nice restaurant, have a little beverage, good food and companionship She goes on Tuesdays; I go on Fridays.
[govets] TerryK hi, did you see the actual rate on the canadian site?
[TerryK] no i did not
[TerryK] i got the call that morning
[TerryK] one of my canidaian buddys called me
[TerryK] he was poopin his pants
[TerryK] like we were back in nov
[govets] TerryK oh, ok sooo reliable source, cool. thx.
[TerryK] yea
[TerryK] he is good
[TerryK] i want u to think about something
[TerryK] can i have the floor
[TerryK] for a min
[TerryK] u all know about the Gulf Currency
[TerryK] coming out
[TerryK] right
[TerryK] no dont mod
[Sunglass] everyone stop typing and tk don’t ask questions
[TerryK] now there is a push im hearing to hurry up and get this rv going because they are speeding up the gulf currency
[TerryK] the rumor
[TerryK] is
[TerryK] that when the gulf currency comes out
[TerryK] all the other GULF currencies will be going away
[Sunglass] tk type “done” when you are done k?
[TerryK] i dont see that right away
[TerryK] but will be phased out
[TerryK] yes sun
[TerryK] thanks
[TerryK] but the aligning of the currencies has to be right
[TerryK] the rumor
[TerryK] again this week is that IRAQ locked in 3,27
[TerryK] and pulled it back because of kuwait being at 3.90
[TerryK] and agreeded to a rate of 3.86 .04 less than kuwait
[TerryK] now it sure seems funny that this RUMOR was out there Thursday
[TerryK] and then on Friday the canada dudes have that rate show up
[TerryK] done sun
[TerryK] and then on Friday the canada dudes have that rate show up
[TerryK] done sun
[TerryK] so what do u all think
[TerryK] dont know
[TerryK] again all
[TerryK] and little things coming together
[TerryK] alot of politics going on
[TerryK] and shuffle to get the best for IRAQ


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