AMERICAN CONTRACTOR – Iraq Info and Updates

Iraq Info and Updates
The number one question I receive is “when will the Iraqi Dinar RV”. To be perfectly honest, to all my avid readers of the American Contractor blog web site, I do not know when the Iraqi government will decide to change the Iraqi dinar currency and or the Iraqi currency exchange rate. What I do know is that it is not going to happen in February 2010! I am 100% sure of this and it is based on information from my vast network of contacts that I have accumulated over the past several years working and living abroad. In order for this to happen, there are what we call trip wires that need to be in place before any appearance of any RV is to occur which by the way, if you have been reading you would know what those mechanisms are and that they have not occurred as of yet.
American Contractor brings you a different perspective on what is occurring inside Iraq and will try not to intentionally deceive anyone about what is actually going on inside the Republic of Iraq. The American Contractor web site and the newsletters which started several years ago are commentary and my opinion. I saw a need to draw attention to a different perceptive on Iraq to bring a balance to the hype that seems to be propagated on the Dinar forums. Most of it is all hype and a great psyops campaign to get you to spend more money and buy the product their selling.
If you want a good credible source for information on Iraq join the mailing list by clicking on the link below. The publishing schedule has been slow and hopefully it will improve as time goes on. American Contractor wanted to put out this publication to my ever growing reader base.
Thanks for reading and as always more will follow…


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