PHOENIX CHAT – After The Gold Rush 01/19/10 @ 10:15pm EST (from Dinar Daddy)

PHOENIX CHAT – After The Gold Rush 01/19/10 @ 10:15pm EST (from Dinar Daddy)

[22:15] Phoenix3333: hi
[23:00] Phoenix3333: I talked to medic today on the phone
[23:00] Phoenix3333: the heads up to the banks is real
[23:00] Phoenix3333: and is the very first time this has happened
[23:00] Phoenix3333: from corporate to the lower branches
[23:01] Phoenix3333: it is real and more branches were given notice today
[23:02] Phoenix3333: and I will only go by the bank info not a dealer who sells currency
[23:03] Phoenix3333: what did that letter say Jc?
[23:04] Jc: It was a personal email ~ Neno to a friend saying there is going
[23:04] Jc: to be some movement in the next 10 days
[23:04] Jc: Again, my first thought, it is coming from a sales man
[23:05] debcaz: phoenix….can you say which banks?
[23:05] Phoenix3333: no
[23:06] frog: hahahhaah. muy expectante
[23:06] Phoenix3333:
[23:06] frog: soorry Deb. ust knew it was coming
[23:06] debcaz: ok thanks…i just thought why you cant say it…which makes sence
[23:07] debcaz: wasnt thinking when i asked you
[23:07] CC: rumor that it was Cit
[23:07] imauofmfan: go for the no and sometimes you get a yes
[23:07] CC: haventr heard of any others
[23:07] debcaz: phoenix…do you feel it might happen this weekend/
[23:07] CC: but you know rumors
[23:07] CC: CB could be citi or chase bk
[23:07] GameBall: PHX, Nod your head if its Citi B…
[23:07] debcaz: since the banks are now being notified
[23:08] CC: well so they say
[23:08] CC: i sure hppe they are
[23:08] GameBall: Tap twice with your right hand if its WF…
23:09] CC: i wander whatever happened to Marge
[23:09] CC: wonder
[23:09] Jc: Phx- do you think we will see the banks remove IR off the ofac list..Or do you think it will be done at the same time of the RV/ RI
[23:10] CC: could be charlie brown
[23:10] CC: chicago bears
[23:11] CC: got quiet.. well good luck folks
[23:14] CC: later folks
[23:14] Phoenix3333: bed time
[23:15] Phoenix3333: see everyone tomorrow!


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