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From A Friend: Brother-In-Law A Syrian Parliament Member

WARNING: If you do not want to see a rumor of another 4-5 years before RV – close your eyes before reading!

Last week, I mentioned to those in chat, that I ran across a friend of mine from Syria. His brother-in-law is a member of the Syrian Parliament. I asked my friend if he knew anything about the Iraqi Dinar and he told me that he had been buying it over the last three years. ( He is able to purchase the Dinar out of Syria, through his family back home)

When I asked if he thought the IQD would revalue anytime soon he said YES. I asked him if he thought it would be prior to the elections and he said that his definition of “soon” was 4-5 years from now. He told me that the last time he and his brother-in-law spoke about the IQD (November) he was told 4-5 years before there would be any sort of revaluation of the currency.

I began to tell him about everything I was reading here and on other Dinar sites. He seemed to get a bit excited because these were things his brother-in-law told him must happen in order to revalue the Dinar. He said he would call him and ask if he still felt they were 4-5 years away. Well, he spoke with him over the weekend and was told 4-5 years was still the time frame.

Anyway, that’s all I have. Take it as rumor and try not attack me because it isn’t something you might want to hear. Just a rumor.

To ME, it’s a bit more than rumor because I know this man and I know he is telling me the truth. What I hope, is that his brother-in-law is wrong. Some folks got a little upset in chat when I brought this news to them and questioned what info anyone in Syria might have on the Dinar. Well, I don’t know but it seems to me that Syria has a vested interest in KNOWING what’s up with the IQD.

News – Iraq regain its position of global trade
عبر تنفيذ اضخم مشروع بحري يربطه مع سوريا وتركيا Through the implementation of the largest offshore project linking it with Syria and Turkey


Anyway……I hope he’s wrong!!!


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